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Yerkir Eco House is an atmospheric rental space in Armenia for weddings and events. Interior photo studio for photo shoots and video filming.


We are located in Armenia, in Ptghni village, 10 km from Yerevan. Next to the house, we planted a garden with our own hands, which supports the entrance group and gives a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The house and garden are perfect for weddings, team buildings, events, photo shoots, master classes, lectures, seminars, courses, trainings, children's parties, birthdays, corporate events, creative, musical and poetry evenings, film screenings, etc.

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Our home YERKIR

Guardian of heritage, rebirth of Armenia

YerkirGuestHouse is a space created for inspiration, it's an atmosphere of the Great Armenia combined with modern comfort. Traditions and style are embodied in every detail of the house interior and garden. This is where one can get new sensations, a new impulse to positive thoughts and actions. The territory of the house and garden attracts you so that the muse fills the environment with creative charge and harmony.

The house combines traditional Armenian motifs and modern facilities. Literally every little thing in the house is thought out and not chosen by chance. The guest house was built by the efforts of several leading architects and designers. In the courtyard, guests will find a pool, an orchard, a children's area and a summer kitchen.

YERKIR - is a native land. The place where you feel
feel at home.


Yerkir is a dream-house. In our house you will return yourself, and engender emotions that cannot be described in words, for everyone they are specific. But these emotions cannot be forgotten any longer. The spirit of Armenia can be recounted and described, but it can only be felt in the extraordinary places of the great land.


If you crave bright impressions or look for the harmony of the universe, you are going to take a step into a new life or spend time in a warm circle of dear people - this house is the right place.

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